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Big Park Coyotes

  Light Form Films produces fine quality Web Videos and DVDs of sporting events in the Sedona/Cottonwood area.  We can film an entire game for the team, or make an individual video presentation for one athelete.  Individuals and Teams might want the video or DVDs to remember a special game or season of play for years to come.  Individuals can also present their video to high schools or college recruiters, for team acceptance and/or scholarships.  Below is a sample of a Web Video we produced for the girls basketball team at Big Park Middle School.

    On January 10, 2013, we filmed a middle school girls basketball game in Sedona between the Big Park Coyotes and the Camp Verde Cowboys.  We produced a 1-hour DVD and this 8 minute web video.  The web video demonstrates some of the production values we used on the DVD.

Enjoy this entertaining sports video!



We produce DVDs and Web Videos for your sporting events.

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