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Family History Videos

    Light Form Films produces custom Family History Videos, using your family photos, films, videos, newspaper articles, documents and geneological information.

    Below is a sample video of my own family history.  This video has two separate sequences:

        1. Legends from the Tree
    This first video is a 5+1/2 minute artistic sequence using photographs and video that spans four generations (from 1885 through 1985) and includes photos of my own great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, and (six) brothers as well as other family members.
        2. Annotated Slide Show Video
    The second is an 8 minute slide show video that contains still photographs with annotated family history information.

The Schmidt Family
1. Legends from the Tree


2. The Schmidt Family
Annotated Slide Show Video


Information about Family History Videos

    We employ a number of photographic, video and film editing techniques to produce family histories in two basic formats:

DVDs - High Definition videos with slide shows, to be viewed on television or computers.
Web Videos - Medium resolution videos, to be viewed by anyone via the internet.
We also offer web support to publish your video.

    A Family History Video is a wonderful, creative way to remember, document and honor your own family.  Your family history is an incredibly complex story, full of intrigue, mystery, joy and pain.  That story can be told in many different ways.  We provide artistic visual and audio techniques that shine a light on your past in original and inspiring ways to nurture loving memories for every member of your family.  Our goal is to help you create a living legacy, to be enjoyed throughout your family for decades to come.

    The musical accompaniment in the sample videos above is from a collection of our own insturmental recordings that are available for your family history video.  You may listen to these songs at: http://www.lightformfilms.com/Music-for-Films.html

    You may reach us via email at: carl@lightformfilms.com
    You may call us at: 928-204-1902
    Contact us for an initial consultation (free of charge), to discuss the direction, style and scope of your Family History Video.