Susan Hale

Susan Hale is a "Songkeeper" and a "Music Therapist"

    We offer this video interview of Susan Hale as a possible eye-opening, ear-opening experience... a special glimpse into a kind of world-view that is integral to some human cultures, but generally would not be entertained in the West.  Our hope is to open a sleeping inner eye to a larger view of the whole human family, so that as we go about our daily rituals, and continue in the everyday mindsets that we have accepted as "normal," that we might grow into a larger view.  Enjoy!

Susan Hale's Interview

        "In East Africa there is a tribe that literally sings a child into being.  When a woman decides she wants to bear a child with a particular man, she goes out alone in nature and listens for the song of the child she wishes to birth.  After receiving the song, she goes back to the village and teaches this song to the father.  They sing it together as they make love.  When the child is conceived, the mother sings to her child in the womb.  As birth draws near, she teaches it to the midwives and old women who have come to assist.  They welcome the child into the world with its special song.  The song is later sung at all the important ceremonies that mark its life... naming, puberty, and marriage.  At death the song is sung one last time.  Just as the body returns to spirit the song returns to the air.  I believe song creates the template for the soul to enter at birth and to leave at death."

From Susan Hale’s Book, Sacred Space – Sacred Sound

Susan Hale's website is entitled, Songkeeper

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